Reports & services

Old houses, apartments, new builds, renovations, commercial property. What you learn from a BAUMEISTER domestic or commercial inspection could make the difference between finding a bargain or being stuck with a white elephant.Know what you’re purchasing, and how much problems will cost to repair. BAUMEISTER canactas an expert witness if disputes arise.

Completion and defects reports

Even if you think you have the perfect builder, BAUMEISTER will inspect the build to identify any defects your builder is required to rectify by law – and make sure they’re rectified. Our Completion and Defects Reports can save you ongoing repairs and disputes into the future.

Dilapidation reports

Are you worried about potential damage caused by demolition or construction around your property? A Dilapidation Report makes sure you’re covered. First we inspect property before nearby construction begins, and when construction’s finished we can identify and assess any damage caused.

Homeowner warranty reports

If you’re an owner builder and you’ve just built or extensively renovated your home, you need a Homeowner Warranty Report to get home warranty insurance for the next six years. It identifies any faults you need to rectify up front that could stand in the way of getting your insurance.

Ownerbuilder reports

If you’re an owner builder and you want to sell your home within six years of building it, you’re required by law to get an Owner Builder Report so you can get owner builder warranty insurance. This insurance also protects the new purchaser for the remainder of the six years.

Prepurchase buildinginspection reports

Cracked walls, leaks, old pipes and wiring. There’s a point where a property with character is too expensive at any price. Or it could be a bargain with a little TLC. We’ll identify the issues and give a clear guide as to how much they will cost you to fix. A Prepurchase Building Inspection Report might change your mind about a property – or it could be a great negotiating tool. Make informed decisions when buying any property, old or new.

Pest inspections

Termites, or white ants, are more common than you might think. They can wreak havoc on floorboards, walls and beams, and often only an expert can read the signs of where they are and where they are likely to be. In worst case scenarios, houses have to be torn down and entirely rebuilt.

Expert witness

If disputes arise that take you to court, we provide Expert Witness Reports and can attend in person as Expert Witnesses on your behalf.


"Many thanks for your comprehensive report, the extra time you spent with my husband and I and for all your advice … "

Sophie Lawrence